As the web hosting division of Soft Dreams we're here to offer you more than just expensive metal boxes.
Our hosting offers are built around the concepts of high speed and high availability.
Do you need a high bandwidth platform as well ? That's not a problem.

Putting all our past experience at work we can offer you the right hosting architecture that will have 3 main features:

  • doesn't cost a fortune
  • can easily handle the amount of traffic you need and with the slowest delivery times possible.
  • in case of unfortunate failures, will be smart enough to detect them and re-balance dead services or entire servers to be handled by the surviving system thanks to our web cluster control panel

As an extra bonus we're capable of offering on demand dedicated programmers with years of experience so you don't have to choose between having a sys admin or an senior developer, you can have both resources from a single company, so that your system gets the best optimizations and speed.
For more informations and portfolio showcase visit our sister division Eiddew.
A very fast server is inefficient without proper coding, and even the best coding needs great hardware to scale.

Support wise we offer 24/7/365 support. Someone will always be there to answer and in case there's a problem we can escalate it quickly to our top specialists.

Considering all of this we can offer assistance through all the phases of your project, no matter how big or small, be it a promising new blog or a well established multi million pageview website.