News: Cheaper servers for all and double the RAM - Reduced prices on EZ1 / EZ2 / EZ3

Published: 2013-06-06 Back

Since we always strive to offer better services to our customers, we've managed to reduce prices and/or double the bandwidth for 3 of our dedicated server offerings (EZ1/EZ2/EZ3) with more prices in prep for our other servers as follows:

EZ1 keeps the same nice round 100$ pricing, but with double the ram to 2GB now;
EZ2 gets a 10$ price reduction and doubles the ram as well to 2GB;
EZ3 gets the same 10$ price reduction and doubles the ram to 4GB;

The changes apply retroactively for existing customers, so if you're having a 1GB server, you're going to have 2GB for free.