News: Better Web Cluster Offers

Published: 2013-07-30 Back

We've decided to upgrade our dedicated server offers based on our clients feedback.

EH1 becomes a dual EZ3 offering with 12GB the RAM. With the new quad core cpu's with hyperthreading you're going to get a lot more bang for the buck than before.
EH2 becomes a specialized Database Intensive Server Web Cluster.
EH3 becomes a general purposes High Visitor Concurrency Server Web Cluster (should work great with high load wordpress or drupal sites)
EH4 becomes a specialized File Storage and High Bandwidth Server Web Cluster offering 50TB of bandwidth making it a great serving solution for your self hosted video or audio files.

Let us know if you find the new offers enticing and we're going to provide you with another predefined web cluster setup soon suited for very high traffic (20 Mil + Uniques) on a wordpress / drupal website.

Don't forget you can always open a ticket or contact the 24/7 live support in order to get a custom web cluster created exactly for your needs.
We're sure we can lower your costs and keep your visitors happy.